About 585Photo

My photography really began with a video project in 2005.  The goal then was to create a series of video stories about the Erie Canal for use on local cable TV channels.  I cut my teeth on Adobe's video editing program (Premiere Pro 1.5) and soon learned that in order to do anything with still images there, I'd also need their photo editing software too.  Enter Photoshop Elements 5, and a Canon digital SLR camera wasn't far behind.

A Winding Road

The Erie Canal videos from those years survive online today, along with a local website design and hosting firm, but the enduring love of my digital life rests here, creating and editing images with digital cameras and Adobe's amazing suite of editors.  Today I use several Canon cameras, along with Adobe's Lightroom 5, Photoshop CS6, and Premiere-Pro CC.

product photographer

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To my RPEG friends...

I can't say anything about cameras without mentioning RPEG.  RPEG - AKA the Rochester Photo Editing Group - began in the summer of 2010 and lasted for eight years.  It was part of the Meetup system, and at our peak we had some 350 members.  We held monthly meetings in the basement of the Pittsford Town Hall, along with occasional shoots at different locations in the region.

RPEG was my baby.  I was the main instructor through all of those years, but no one in that group took away more from those meetings than I did.  The times spent with my camera friends became a pleasant garden in my life that still brings a glow to my heart now every time I think of them.  RPEG may have ended too soon, but it ended well.  If you're one of the people who made any of that possible then, THANK you!