Commercial Photography in Rochester, NY

We specialize in product and real-estate photography, but we're happy to provide your other website and advertising photography needs too.  We created all of the photos you see on this website.  If you look carefully you'll find that it's about more than just color, contrast and sharpness.  Commercial images have a lot to do!  Namely, to convey who you are, what you do, and why the viewer should choose you over your competition.  Check the picture below of the man standing in front of Liberty Hall for an example.

Our commercial photography:

  • Product Photographs for Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  • Website & catalog product photos
  • Real-estate photography
  • Advanced real-estate photo-editing
  • Realistic HDR editing expert
  • Photo-repair, colorizing & enhancement
website photographer

Commercial Photography

Shooting for product catalogs and websites goes beyond getting just great photographs.  It includes color coordination, space considerations, copyright issues, what nearby text is saying, the mood of any people in the shot, and much, much more.  The man above is a tower clock expert who worked on the Liberty Hall clock renovation in 2009.  Liberty Hall in the background is a stock photograph.  We got the expression we wanted from him for his website with our third shot.

website photographer website photographer
real-estate photographer

Real Estate Photography

Anybody can photograph a building of course, but it takes special techniques to capture and process the high dynamic ranges created when bright sunlight shines into a dimly lit room.  We routinely "exposure-bracket" from a tripod, and in most cases also travel with complete off-camera speedlight umbrella flash lighting equipment.  Still, natural lighting can make a big difference, and we time our outdoor shoots for optimum conditions whenever possible.