Product Photography in Rochester, NY

Your prospects will judge you by the quality of product photographs they see on your website.

Product and advertising photography is a specialized field.  Every promotional photograph that we create is shot and edited with one thing in mind:  Promoting your business.

When you shop online and don't already know the seller, would you buy a product without being able to examine it closely?  Don't you appreciate finding large sharp images of the item that include even minute details?  Now look at your own pictures -- both in print and on your website.  Are your product photographs making a sale more, or less likely?

  • Large, High-resolution Product Photos
  • Courtesy & Clear Communications
  • Cooperation with Outside Designers

Pricing & Guarantee

Our firm, written proposal will include a fixed price per shoot (usually $75/half-day or $150/day).  After sending watermarked previews, you pay only for those images that you choose to have finish-edited, according to a sliding schedule set in our proposal.  Options include raw files, transparent or white backgrounds (cutouts), and composites or artistic effects.

Your product, premises and staff photographs will be sharp, noise-free and exposed correctly or we'll either remedy or reshoot at no extra charge, or refund any monies paid toward those images. We routinely send the largest versions of each shot that we have to the client.

product photographer

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About Copyrights

Often photographers retain copyright to every image they shoot, licensing selected photos back to the client for specific purposes with new charges each time.  We don't.  You will own the copyright to all the finished images that you buy.

Stephen Drew

In 2010, Stephen Drew founded RPEG - The Rochester Photo Editing Group, where he regularly teaches photography and Photoshop techniques at monthly meetings.  All of our photography and photo-editing is done in-house.

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