Product Photography in Rochester, NY

Specializing in 100% pure white backgrounds as required for catalogs, TV, and the major online advertisers

Online shoppers who can't hold your product in their hands look to your photographs for that comfort level before they decide to buy.  Product photos with consistently CLEAR, SHARP and WELL-EXPOSED DETAILS mark you as a professional who's "minding the store".

  • Sharp, High-resolution Product Photos
  • True White Backgrounds
  • All Photos Taken with DSLR Cameras
  • No Outside Freelancers Involved
  • Courtesy & Clear Communications

Our goal with each product photo is to craft high quality images that feature your product, rather than just our photographs.  Scroll down for our quality guarantee, and be sure to note our copyright policy too.

Pricing & Guarantee

Our firm, written proposal will include a fixed price per shoot (usually $75/half-day or $150/day).  Finished photos are then charged on a sliding scale that depends on volume, equipment needs, etc., and the shooting fee is waived for very large shoots.

You pay ONLY for the images that you approve.  Your photos will be sharp, noise-free and exposed correctly or we'll either remedy or reshoot (when possible) at no extra charge.  We routinely "cut out" your product in Photoshop to assure backgrounds that are perfectly white, and can include transparent "PNG" versions at no extra charge.  Options include composites, stock photos, plexiglass backlighting and other artistic effects.

product photographer

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About Copyrights

Often photographers retain copyright to every image they shoot, licensing selected photos back to the client for specific purposes with new charges each time.  We don't.  You will own the copyright to all the finished images that you buy, and will receive them in the largest sizes that we have to use in any way you choose.

Stephen Drew

In 2010, Stephen Drew founded RPEG - The Rochester Photo Editing Group, where he regularly teaches photography and Photoshop techniques at monthly meetings.  He does all of his own shooting and editing, and none of your project will be subcontracted out.

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