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Specializing in high-quality product, website and real-estate photography in Rochester, NY.

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advertising pictures

Product Photography

Product and advertising shots have a lot in common with website photos.  Both have to be shot with great care because our clients will be judged by not only the subject of the pictures, but by the photographic quality of each shot, as well.  This composite is for the website of the leading plastic injection molding firm in town.

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website photographer

Website Photography

Shooting for websites goes beyond getting just great product shots. It includes color coordination, space considerations, copyright issues, what nearby text is saying, the mood of any people in the shot, and much, much more. Our web design experience is as important as our photography skills when photographing our clients' businesses.

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real-estate photographer

Real Estate Photography

Anybody can photograph a building of course, but it takes special techniques to capture and process the high dynamic ranges created when bright sunlight shines into a dimly lit room.  We routinely "exposure-bracket" from a tripod, and in most cases also travel with complete off-camera umbrella flash lighting equipment as well.

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